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Drone dictionary a novice Drone owner sometimes does not see the forest through the trees anymore. so many words & abbreviations without any explanation what the meaning is. Drone-NL tries to help these people through a Drone Dictionary! Do you have additions or improvements? Then you can E-mail us via the contact form on the contact page! 

Drone Dictionary

What does RTF mean?

RTF means: Ready to fly

What does ARF mean?

ARF means: Almost-Ready-to-Fly

What does RTR mean?

RTR means: Ready to run

What is Headless mode?

Headless mode means: when your drone is opposite to you, the perspective of the drone is right for you on the left. this should lead you to reverse. Headless mode ensures that in whatever perspective the drone is located with respect to yours left left.  

What is holdmode:

Hold altitude mode holdmode ensures that the Drone stays at a fixed location under all circumstances. this happened DMV GPS most of the time

What can you do with GPS on your drone?  

Return to home function
hold mode make a pre-set route find drone after crash fly out flight paths much more!

what is a gimball?

a Gimball keeps a camera of a drone stable & vibration free. electronically powered Gimballs can change the press perspective of a camera while flying.

What is a UAV?

UAV stands for: unmanned aerial vehicle what are the names of drones? Drones can be found as: Drone, Quadcopter & UAV do you write drones or drones? You write: Drones.
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